goddenger if i draw an adoptable as fat it’s mEANT TO BE FAT don’t make them skinny in your entry just go for the skinny adoptables then

Maybe you should have noted a “SPECIALLLL” trait about them is that they’re a fatty MTT. OTL





A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty down. I was having trouble with a person and I was feeling very underappreciated as an artist, and while I did have my problems, it pissed me a lot. But instead of feeling sorry for myself (for once) I started thinking about other great, awesome artists I followed who could be feeling even shittier and not believing in themselves.

I admire them; each one of them. Each had their own perks that made themselves and what they create special. And I realized that hell, I love being told what people like in my work. Not just “you’re so good”, but “I love the way you draw this and that”. At that moment, I really wished someone would come over and tell me that. How many other artists around weren’t feeling that way, at that moment?

So the messaging started. I never wrote a model message, they were all personal. And the answers were all personal too. People who responded sounded honestly happy someone took time to tell them what they admired in them, and told them never to give up no matter what. The ones who didn’t, well - I know they liked it, because it was from the bottom of my heart.

So after this time debating if I should write this little thing or not, I made it.  I don’t know if there’s anythig similar around, but if it does, take this as a reinforcement. It’s not a campaign, nor a meme, nor will it grant you favours from your favorite artists. Please, don’t do anything if it’s for interest. Instead, look at the artist as another human being who struggles with daily life and yet make such beautiful things you admire so much. Call them by their name, tell them what you like in them. Or draw, paint, write or compose a lil’ something for them. Doesn’t matter. Show appreciation.

Send the love around to those who inspire you.

(sorry for any mistakes, English is not my mother tongue and it’s a bit rusty)

This deserves to be on my main dash, it’s a really good thing. Share some love, you might just make someone’s day and hey, that feels good!

I did this on Weasyl and got some of the most heartwarming responses I’ve ever heard. I know there are days where I’d love to receive one of these as well.


"how do I get out??"

[Mission Impossible Theme plays]


Benjamin Jarvis | Photographed by Letizia Ragno


Benjamin Jarvis | Photographed by Letizia Ragno


Every single tattoo is perfect.


Every single tattoo is perfect.



Okay so I am going to freely admit that I’m in a bit of a bad headspace right now. Like, I was considering a one way ticket on the bullet train earlier bad. Even better, I’m being pretty well denied a few of my usual coping mechanisms. So, I’m going to draw this out. And I’m not gonna draw blood or depression or “thinking about doing it” art. That’s just gonna make me feel worse, I’m a very visual dude and visualizing my hurt is just going to make things worse.

So, I’m gonna do a limited run of $5 commissions that I’m gonna try to make very pleasant, happy, pretty pieces. I have many different styles of drawing and will probably just make whatever comes to mind. Flower crowns might happen, you have been warned.

Here are some examples of my more recent art:


So what’s the catch?

Well not a huge one. Not for $5 anyway.

Basically, you give me a character (or a fandom, whatever), and I’ll draw them in whatever way that comes to mind. You could get a little flat doodle, something lined and shaded, or painted. Bust, halfbody, fullbody who knows! I can guarantee whatever I do, it’ll be worth your money (probably worth quite a bit more if my $5 christmas commission examples are anything to go off of). Not gonna do any nudity, porn, gore, violence etc this time around so yeah please don’t ask for that.

Payment upfront or when I’m done, either way idc. (Finished pieces will have a big gross “NOT PAID” on them until I receive dinero tho.)

Contact me

Tumblr: Hearseplay/Hearsepower

Skype: lion.feet

Deviantart: hearsepower

A toast, to the proud Lannister children.



So of course I also took some larp-mashup photos when I was in Visby. Most of it is the same as I wore last summer at the medieval-week. Some things are added from my shitload of larpstuff. Not one of my cosplays.

For more;

get into a video game right now so I can BE you





chris control your goddamn face you have just gone through an extremely painful super-serum transformation you did not just have the diddly doo orgasm

…actually, at this point, Steve’s just now experiencing the sudden absence of both recent extreme pain and long-term low level pain.  He’s probably so high on endorphins that the expression is completely accurate.

Also, he was asthmatic. This is the first time in twenty years that his lungs work. Ever had an oxygen high?

Might not be an O-face folks, but homeboys high as a kite.